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Christopher Hatton

Personal Portfolio

About Me

Hello, I'm Christopher Hatton. I am currently a second year A-Level student at Runshaw College. I am studying Computer Science and French. After college, I aim to study Software Engineering at UCLan. This course will help me get a job as a software developer.

What I Do

I enjoy computer science. Currently, I am learning Java, and I intend to develop server-side software as a career. I also aim to promote online privacy and block mass surveillance in all forms.

State backed surveillance is akin to what it aims to prevent: mass surveillance IS criminal, and contains terroristic characteristics. I firmly believe in everyone's right to privacy & free speech. This cannot be done if governments carries on limiting them, as recently seen with the UK's Online Safety Bill. These sorts of regulations are just the beginning of the steady erosion of our rights; it is a slippery slope with these regulations. If we don't do anything about them, we will eventually lose all of our rights, and be completely oblivious to it.

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