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Tile - A Review

5th September 2023

Christopher Hatton

For the longest of times, I've had a chronic and severe problem with losing things. Namely: my wallet and my keys. Now, this is a massive hassle; especially when I have to leave the house immediately, or risk being late for college or any other event.

Last June, I decided to buy the Mate Essential Starter Pack, which included a Tile Mate and a Tile Slim. This cost me £44.99 (with free shipping), which is comparable to Apple's AirTag, but still rather pricey.


As I am writing this review a few months after I bought my Tiles, I unfortunately do not have any photos to share. But, as I remember, the unboxing experience was fairly simple, but perfectly nice & adequate. The package I ordered was small, slim, and minimal, which came through the letterbox. Overall, the unboxing experience was perfectly adequate.

Tracking Capabilities

To put it simply: the tracking capabilities of Tile's trackers is extremely disappointing. Despite living in a fairly populated area, my Tiles practically never update their location if they aren't connected to my phone. This isn't a game breaking issue per sé, but it is certainly an awkward problem when I've lost an item a long distance away.

However, the tracking functionality is fairly useful when you are close to your Tile. When you're close to your Tile, you can activate a ringing noise on an individual Tile. This is particularly helpful when you've misplaced an item attached to your Tile.

The App

As you can see in this , there is a large green "Find" button below each listed Tile. What would you assume this button does? Well, it makes the Tile carry out its ringing functionality. I was initially surprised with this behaviour; I expected this button to show me the location of the given Tile.

This is just bad design; even my parents were confused by this. I've shared my Tiles with my parents and grandparents. Knowing how well your grandparents can use technology, there may be some embarrassing moments when they accidentally try to know where you are.

Despite this one gripe I have, the app is pretty good overall. I have also bought Tile Premium. The main reason for this is that I can now see a 30 day location history for each Tile. Tile Premium also offers location alerts, which send you notifications if you, for example, leave home without a specific Tile.

Final Thoughts

Overall, having a Tile can be pretty useful. I have found that the Tile is specifically useful for finding misplaced items, as Tiles can be attached to pretty much any item, unlike Apple's AirTags. However, Tiles aren't particularly useful for finding items located a long distance away, unless you are located in a highly densely populated area.

User Comments

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